Arrosi crepe paper: more than 35 years manufacturing and handling paper

Do you know the factory Arrosi Crepe Paper? Most likely you already have had in hands our papers since they are used in many different sectors: agriculture, health and hygiene, surfing, automotive, bookbinding, food industry, packaging, shopping bags etc.

Arrosi crepe paper

If you work in any of the aforementioned sectors, and you are not yet client, get to know us. We have just launched a new website ( where you can find out anything about the different papers and applications we offer.

We are currently active in 12 different sectors, in 29 countries and on 5 continents. Our intention is to continue growing in sales volume as well as offering new products.

We just launched a new Blog to inform about products, uses, applications, and news in the paper sector. Do not miss it, every month we will publish in the Blog section of our Web page as well as on Linkedin.

Our clients might also have noticed that we have launched a new image. Our logo now combines our raw material colors: the brown color of the paper, together with the green of the beech forest that surrounds the 3,000 square meters of our factory. At the center of our logo is a reel, the most common form of the products we manufacture and handle.


The name, Arrosi, is the only thing that remains unchanged in tribute to the old water mill where our factory is located.