Closing and sealing of bags

We have developed several products and applications for sewing and sealing of bags:

  • Sewing of bags using crepe paper tape, available in white (bleached), brown (unbleached), and in colours.

    Compatible with the main bag sewing machines on the market: Fischbein, Newlong, Union Special, Thar, Yao Han, Siruba.

    The sealing of the bag provides greater product protection and prevents the entrance of foreign objects.

  • Closing of bags by heat sealing, two possible solutions: by polyethylene and / or hot-melt tape.

Sectors to which we usually supply.

  • Agri-food: animal feed, cereals, fertilizers, additives ...
  • Food: flours and cereals for human consumption, powdered milk ...
  • The Chemical industry: Charcoal, phytosanitary products, foam agents ...

Our manufacturing capacity allows us to adjust to the specific needs of the client; we offer great flexibility when defining the widths and inner and outer diameters.

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