Crepe and specialist papers

ARROSI is a prominent European company in the manufacture of crepe and other speciality papers with expertise in products including: papers with polyethylene coating, bitumen coating, paraffin, crinkled, hot-melt, silicone and greaseproof papers.

We also have a wide variety of specialist papers to respond to the diverse end use applications that the market demands. As new needs arise, we develop further product variety and / or adapt existing ones.

One of ARROSI's specialized sectors is the food industry. We are registered in the General Sanitary Registry and we have implemented the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Protocol). We supply Kraft papers, cellulose, greaseproof, with polyethylene, waxed, silicone, etc … Papers are available in rolls and sheets.We offer a wide variety of weights and qualities. 

Our line of paper rope cord for boutique bag handles is especially noteworthy.