For the bookbinding sector we have developed a wide range of products especially, but not exclusively for hardcover book binding.

  • Reinforcement of the book block with crepe paper. We manufacture crepe paper in different weights and with different degrees of stretch. In white, the most common weights are usually: 75gr/m2, 90gr/m2 and 110gr/m2; and in raw (brown): 90/ 95gr/m2.

  • ARROSI also offers the possibility of incorporating a colored stripe, generally blue or yellow, to make sure that the book is in the correct position. Few manufacturers offer such an improvement.

  • Bleached and unbleached kraft book head paper.
    Most common: grammage 90gr/m2.
  • Book spine with cardboard from 250gr/m2 to 500gr/m2.

The papers we produce are compatible with any type of book binding machine: Muller Martini, Kolbus, Wolhemberg... We supply in the widths and diameters required by the customer.

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